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There are hundreds of casino table game betting systems out there that promise riches to those who are willing to part with a few dollars. The systems simply do not work. There is no way a betting system alone can ever overcome the house advantage over the long run. The sellers of these systems will try to hook you into buying their products by trying to answer all of your obvious and intelligent questions in advance. Like "If you can make so much money using your betting system, then why are you selling it instead of using it?

The basic rules of Craps:
In Craps, a player roles a dice for the "come out roll", and makes sure that the dice touches the side of the table opposite them. If the player rolls a 2, 3 or 12 it is known as a Craps and all the bets "passed the line" are lost. If the player rolls a 7 or 11, and all the bets "passed the line" automatically wins an equal amount of money. If any of the remaining numbers are rolled it makes a "point".

The aim of the player rolling the dice is to bring about a "point", before rolling a seven. As soon as the player rolls a seven, all the bets "passed the line" are lost and a new player takes up the place of dice roller.

Playing a pass-line bet and then a free-odds bet if the shooter makes a point is a strategy for playing craps that you can use for your entire time at the craps table with a significant amount of success. It's even more fun when you get to be a shooter, because then you have a lot of other players rooting for your success.

Craps is a fascinating game. It is the only casino game where you can influence your own fate. The casino allows you to select two dice from an assortment of five, and then you are allowed to throw the dice, determining the outcome. Craps is a wonderful, exciting, profitable game for any casino-goer. Are you are tired of the hassles and changing rules at the blackjack tables? Are you tired of getting no profits and no comps at roulette? Maybe you should give craps a try! It gives you real player control, the possibility of very high profits, a very low casino edge, the ability to ride along with someone else’s skills, lots of easy to get comps, occasional long money making streaks, and the ability to determine how the table is going by talking to the other players! Where else can you find a better game than that?

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