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Keno is an easy and unique game that is very similar, in many respects, to a lottery. In many countries it has become popular thanks to it television broadcasts. Unlike the versions played in online casino, where players are given paper tickets and marker pens, the online version allows you to relax while the computer does all the marking for you. Many people wonder how it has sustained its popularity when its success is largely based on the atmosphere generated from playing the game live, rather like bingo.

If you have already played Keno at a casino, you will doubtless remember the Keno rooms and the frantic atmosphere bubbling within the room. But online Keno gives you the advantage of better precision, for example automatic marking. In front of the computer screen you can take your time and this will allow you to make better, more in-depth decisions, and therefore increase your likelihood of winning.

Keno is also a great game for players as it allows them to decide what the amount of their wager will be. You can bet $1, pick five numbers, and hope you hit. Or you can bet $5 and pick ten numbers, etc etc the combinations are endless. Either set it low, or be daring and go for some of those high winning stakes! What is also enjoyable about Keno is the fact that on average, there is a new drawing approximately every five minutes of so. So even if a player misses out on one round, the next one comes up quickly without too much of a wait.

Once a player learns the basics of Keno, it is an instantly accessible game. Its fast play time and easy rules means that anyone can play a few rounds right off the bat without initially having to invest too much of a wager.

The keno playing card is divided into an upper and lower half. Some Keno Players would always be sure to spread their choices evenly across both halves in order to "play the whole card". Their assumption was that if you just picked 6 figures from say the lower half then you wouldn't catch as many as if you picked 3 figures from the lower half and 3 from the upper half. After all, most every game will see about half the house numbers drawn in the upper part and half drawn in the lower part. But the truth is that it doesn't matter, the balls don't care what the playing Keno cards look like. The Casino could print every card differently. A group of figures that produces a balanced keno card for one configuration might be highly unbalanced in another. This will not cause one group of figures to be drawn more often than any other set.

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